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Celebrating 63 Years of Love

Love stories that stand the test of time are truly something to be celebrated, and Terry and Sheila, residents of Hinckley House, recently marked their 63rd wedding anniversary.

Terry and Sheila’s love story started in their hometown of Burbage. They lived just around the corner from each other and embarked on countless long walks through the scenic village countryside, which allowed them to explore the beauty of their surroundings and deepened their connection.

Terry was a skilled carpenter with a love for music and animals, particularly dogs and horses. Sheila, a former junior schoolteacher, enjoyed art, reading, and crosswords. Together, they embraced a vibrant social life, including ballroom dancing, weekend social clubs, chapel visits, and football matches. They also embarked on exciting adventures abroad, exploring destinations including France, Normandy, and the Canary Islands.

Terry and Sheila are proud parents of four children: Stephanie, Peter, Michael, and Ruth. Their family has continued to grow with seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, making their gatherings truly special. When asked about the secret to their enduring love, Terry and Sheila emphasised trust, mutual respect, and loyalty as the cornerstones of their relationship. These values have kept their bond strong through the decades.

Transitioning to a care home can be a daunting experience, especially for couples concerned about being separated. However, at Hinckley House, their concerns were alleviated. The staff ensured they were on the same floor, providing a sense of togetherness while respecting their need for personal space. Since joining Hinckley House, their family has witnessed a significant improvement in their parents’ mood. The encouragement to participate in daily activities and entertainment has brought joy and vitality back into their lives.

Terry and Sheila’s journey is a testament to the power of enduring love, family bonds, and the care provided at Hinckley House. Their story inspires us, reminding us of the beauty that can be found in lifelong commitment and unwavering support.