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Competencies & Career Pathways | Welcome Home Autumn 2018

In order to provide high quality care and service for residents, Avery Healthcare recognises the importance of providing high quality training and development opportunities to ensure that we can continue to attract and retain our highly skilled staff teams. 

Competency careers pathway staff working

We also recognise that formal education doesn’t necessarily equip employees with all the appropriate skills to support them in their roles. In support of the classroom and E-learning training that we provide, we also complete workplace competency based training. This is undertaken within the homes and retirement communities and is based around a competency framework attached to the person’s job role. To be assessed as competent, a person must demonstrate knowledge, skills and behaviours that relate to their particular job specification.

Competency frameworks bring numerous benefits to both the company and team members. This includes; improved communication between staff and managers, better identification of talent and succession planning, greater teamwork, plus a clear direction for learning new skills which enables individuals to be involved in their own development and career pathways.

Structured Avery career pathways are also in place which are a collection of programs through which staff can work towards a higher-level job role within the organisation. These pathways are also vital tools to be used during personal development reviews, identifying goals for staff to work towards.

We are currently reviewing the career pathways due to updating job specifications and we look forward to sharing them with everyone shortly.

Article by Shelley Parker-Wain, Head of Training and Development