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CAP Awards inspector shares his view on Avery homes

Avery prides itself on its quality of resident services, to match the high standards of care that are provided, combining to ensure that the resident experience and quality of lifestyle are as good as possible for all. To evidence this aspect of service delivery, Avery has started to seek accreditation from CAP (the Continuous Advancement Programme), a progressive development scheme for housekeeping, cleaning and catering services in the Healthcare sector. CAP ensures positive development and recognition for teams and individuals who are consistently performing exceptional work behind the scenes. Avery now has six of its care homes that have been awarded Gold for both culinary and housekeeping, all of which were accredited at that highest level at their first inspection.

Ian Jackson, CAP inspector, commented upon his findings at Avery homes. “Having inspected in the healthcare sector for some 30 years, it is quickly apparent whether a care provider has the right culture as a company in its approach to standards and the continual improvement of the resident experience. From the Avery homes that CAP have inspected thus far, it is evident that at all levels, be that the organisation, a single home, the staff team, or the individual employee, there is a consistent and collective commitment to learning and progression.”

He went on, “CAP standards combine regulator standards with other compliance and legal requirements and then add on delivery of best practice, which evolves every year; thus there is true merit in those homes who were accredited in 2018 and have then retained that standard in 2019 against higher expectations. There is enthusiasm and willingness to take feedback and learn within Avery, at all levels, and a desire to move forward and get better again.”

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Ian then added, “Inspections get as close to the customer (or resident) experience as possible, where it becomes clear in Avery to see that all the staff teams are dedicated towards person-centred care, of which the resident services of culinary and housekeeping are an important contribution. Standards of cleanliness at Avery are on a par with acute hospitals, and the dining experience personalised to each resident to meet their needs. Residents stated that they were always able to feedback to the staff, and that their comments and preferences were always listened to and acted upon.”

Ian concluded, “Whilst acknowledging the strong processes with Avery, which drive the standards, we also observed some truly outstanding individual contributions, all set in an atmosphere of positivity and friendliness.”