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Company News, Ashurst Mews

Born to be Wild!

In a heart-warming event that brought joy and excitement to the residents of Ashurst Mews, bikers from The King Billy Rock Bar rolled onto the care home premises to create unforgettable moments for the residents. The event, planned in collaboration with local businesses, aimed to support residents’ interests and reconnect them with their past hobbies.

The bikers came rolling through the car park into the garden, allowing all residents to witness the spectacle. One resident, Michael, who initially joined Ashurst Mews for respite care after a hospital stay, found renewed joy and connection during the event. The event brought him out into the garden and facilitated his engagement with fellow residents and staff.

Georgina McDonald, Well-being Co-ordinator at Ashurst Mews, expressed her enthusiasm for the impact of community engagement on the residents. “Seeing the residents with a smile on their faces and laughing is what makes each day worth it. Working with the local community has given the residents a sense of enjoyment, and we have so many wonderful events planned for 2024 with The King Billy Rock Bar – We can’t wait.”

Pat Miller, a resident, shared her sentiments for the event. “How lovely to have people come and see us and do this for us. It’s been a wonderful day. I haven’t ever been on a motorbike, but I have learned about the bikes from the lovely people.”

This event marks the beginning of a series of community-driven initiatives at Ashurst Mews, with plans for more opportunities for residents to learn new skills and connect with their interests in the upcoming year. Avery Healthcare prioritises its residents’ well-being and happiness, fostering a sense of belonging and community in every aspect of their care.

This event was even spotlighted in the Northampton Chronicle, capturing the joy and community spirit that unfolded.