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Residents Create Blooming Lovely Garden

Residents at Aran Court Care Home in Tile Cross have set their garden ablaze with colour, planting over a hundred seeds and growing their own fruit and vegetables.

Residents George White, Ron Markham and Brenda Martin decided to get their green-thumbs on the gardens at Aran Court. With support from Loraine Taylor, Well-being and Activity Coordinator at the care home, they have covered the home with flowers which have flourished into a fountain of colours.

George is a passionate gardener and leader of the project. Before coming to Aran Court, George had won seven garden competitions within the Solihull Borough, so he was keen to continue his passion. Fellow resident Ron, they started growing spectacular flower displays for other residents at Aran Court to enjoy, buying a greenhouse to store their tools and plants until they were ready to be put on display. But it didn’t stop there. Since Brenda joined the home six years ago, she has been growing fruits and vegetables. Her favourites are lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries, which she kindly lets the staff sample!

Now the entrance to the home is blooming with flowers and fresh scents, with George calling it “an explosion of colour”. Loraine, who has constantly supported the residents (who all agreed that she also deserved a special mention), was totally impressed with the result. “I am so happy they have got recognition for all that they have achieved. Not only does this allow our trio to perform activities that they love, whilst maintaining independence and exercise their fine motor skills, but they have also encouraged other residents to spend more time outside, ultimately benefitting their Well-being. It’s important that our residents can continue with activities they are interested in. The entrance is now full of colour – they brighten up the whole area as well as puts smiles on everyone’s faces!”

Now the gardening trio want to get other homes involved. “We want to encourage other homes and residents that it can be done” said George. “We couldn’t have done it without Lorraine’s support – but just look at the result that a few pots of flowers can bring”.

Any top tips for budding gardeners? George says you can grow anything – most of his plants were from packets from the local garden centre. But it’s just important that they get regular watering! We hope these three will serve as some great inspiration to get everyone planting.