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Beaconsfield’s Brush with Royalty

The role of His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant, in which there is one for each county is to be The King’s personal representative. Their foremost duty is to uphold the dignity of the crown. They support the Monarch in celebrating business and charitable organisations, culture and history and meet the people who make each county a special place to live. Lord-Lieutenants are keen to celebrate significant achievements and promote community engagement by attending events, making presentations, presiding over ceremonies and performing official visits. In England, the origin of Lord-Lieutenant dates back to the reign of Henry VIII when its title holder was responsible for maintaining order in the county and all military measures necessary for local defence.

On 1st June 2023, Beaconsfield Heights Care Home in South Buckinghamshire, had a special visit from Countess Howe, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, to recognise residents who recently reached impressive milestone birthdays. Resident Joan celebrated her 100th birthday, and Molly her 102nd. Each celebrated with their loved ones and had over 150 birthday cards to open, including a special 100th birthday card from the King and the Queen Consort. Joan’s granddaughter believes her secret to a long life is that she is down to earth, calm, compassionate, and “Doesn’t sweat the small stuff.” Lady Howe was delighted to recognise and congratulate these amazing residents.

Lady Howe also joined the home to celebrate the proud launch of Beaconsfield Heights, becoming part of the Avery Group under the new brand, Avery Collection. They celebrated in style, with wine, flowers, and a selection of beautiful cakes, carefully prepared by the home’s talented culinary team, and all were delighted to raise a glass in honour of the joint occasion.

A highlight of the celebration was undoubtedly when Lady Howe gave an enlightening talk about her role as Lord-Lieutenant and shared exciting stories about her aspiration to support and celebrate Buckinghamshire. She took the time to speak to each resident in turn and answer any questions they had about her duties.

Beaconsfield Heights were grateful to receive this very special visit from Lady Howe. They presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a thank-you for everything she does for their wonderful community and her birthday wishes. They are looking forward to welcoming her back again in the future to celebrate their next milestone festivities.