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Avery’s Chef Academy: The Key to Chef Success

At Avery Healthcare, we are delighted to offer chefs the opportunity to join our Chef Academy and enrol via an apprenticeship route in partnership with Hospitality Industry Training (HIT). The content of these courses offers everything you require to gain skills, confidence, and growth.

Our Head of Culinary and Hospitality, Simon Lawrence, explains: “The development and building of career pathways are key in strengthening, rebuilding, and recruiting a talented brigade of talented chefs. We are also keen to develop the Head Chefs of tomorrow – our Sous Chefs and Commis Chefs, while also offering advanced learning courses for experienced Head Chefs.”

As the leading specialist training and apprenticeship provider for the UK’s hospitality and catering industry, we are proud to have partnered with HIT, who will support with a range of workshops and training days to offer interactive learning, networking, team building, food tasting and live demonstrations. Through various practical sessions, the courses will help build your confidence, developing knowledge and skills relevant to your career path.

Fire Up Your Chef Career with an Apprenticeship

To carve out a successful career as a chef, you will benefit from having both experience in the culinary sector and industry-recognised qualifications. An apprenticeship provides invaluable real-world experience, and the skills and knowledge you need to climb the career ladder, opening a wealth of career opportunities.

If you are beginning your career, a Level 2 Apprenticeship will equip you with all the basic skills you need to succeed as a trainee chef. If you are a more experienced chef, you may find the Level 4 apprenticeship will help you to advance your career. On the other hand, if you are a chef managing your own kitchen, offering apprenticeships to your existing or potential new staff members can help to boost the talent in your team too.

Why enrol on an apprenticeship with Avery’s Chef Academy?

Specially designed by experts in the industry, chef apprenticeships aim to create a new generation of culinary stars. You will earn a wage whilst you learn, boosting your career potential as you progress from an entry-level position, guiding you through the core elements to become a fully qualified and capable Head Chef.

Enrolling on an apprenticeship with Avery’s Chef Academy will give you real-world experience, as you learn from experts first-hand in a working kitchen environment. You’ll learn the best ways to communicate, work around others and develop your skills, with an industry-recognised qualification which reflects your experience in the industry.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and engage with industry experts and professionals, sharing ideas and boosting your understanding of key areas, including preparation and cooking, flavour profiling, dish composition and seasonality.

Top of the hierarchy

Our chef academy offers a range of apprenticeships and training workshops that supplement the programme. Whether you are a trainee, intermediate, or experienced chef, there is always an exciting opportunity to expand your skills.

Level 2 Apprenticeships

The Level 2 Commis Chef and Production Chef apprenticeships are popular amongst chefs in their early career stages. These apprenticeships provide first-hand experience working in a professional kitchen environment, learning new skills, and gaining confidence in your abilities.

Level 3 Apprenticeships

Aimed at more experienced chefs looking to progress to a more senior position, the Level 3 Chef de Partie and Senior Chef in Production Cooking apprenticeships can help to hone your skills, increase your knowledge, and take on additional responsibilities in roles such as Head Chef or Sous Chef.

Level 4 Apprenticeship

Even those at the top of their game can continue to learn! The Level 4 Senior Culinary Chef apprenticeship has been developed for experienced chefs who wish to move into a role focusing on developing dishes.

How do I apply?

To apply, please complete an apprenticeship application form, which can be obtained from your Regional Training Officer if you are already an Avery chef, or, if you would like to come and work for us, let us know when you apply.

Once approved, your application will be forwarded to HIT training. They will then contact you via email to register you in the online management system and to arrange an enrolment visit.

You will then be required to complete initial English and Math assessments before beginning your enrolment in the course.