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Avery Update On COVID-19

I am writing to provide you all with an update on where we are within the current pandemic.

I am truly inspired by all the work that our staff are doing in the homes, which is to be applauded. They are all true heroes, proudly working through this pandemic with courage and strength. I also wish to thank all of our residents, for their understanding and support for the staff in their tasks, and the positive and upbeat approach they are taking at this difficult time.

I continue to visit the Facebook pages and always look forward to what I might find and what great things are going on in the homes! Staff and residents are truly keeping each other going, and I know that families and friends all take comfort from viewing the posts, to see for themselves how daily life is carrying on. I would like to thank all those connected with the homes for their touching messages of thanks and goodwill, especially those who want to visit as before but are unable to.

Sadly, we still cannot allow visitors into homes, and after many weeks of lockdown, we know that the stress of this is taking its toll. However, we must remember the priority of ‘staying safe’ and therefore, do our best to keep residents and families connected via various forms of social media. In the meantime, our dedicated and caring staff are standing in as ‘replacement family’, always there for the residents, to offer both time and comfort.


Thankfully testing is now becoming available; many of the staff have now been tested, and we are supporting access for those who have not yet been tested. Testing for residents is slowly starting to be accessible, although this is taking a little longer. Testing is important for us to understand the pandemic and how it is spreading, and one of the most important tools in the fight to slow and reduce the spread and impact of the virus. Tests allow us to identify affected individuals and guide their treatment. Until we are in a stronger position to know who is a carrier and who isn’t, we will continue to isolate and social distance our residents, to keep them as safe as possible.


We remain fortunate in our provision of PPE, unlike some in the sector who are really struggling to obtain supplies. As part of our Coronavirus Strategy Plan some months ago, we formed excellent relationships with suppliers and are working with them on a proactive basis to maintain our stocks. We have no shortage of PPE and will ensure that this remains the case. Staff continue to follow all protocols that were established at each home, to protect the residents, the staff and their families; we will also implement any new guidance as soon as it is released by the Government, Public Health England or the World Health Organisation.

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We will continue to send out regular communications to keep you all updated, but if you have any questions, please speak with the home management team and who will do their best to answer.

Once again, I sincerely thank you all.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Sharon Winfield

Chief Operating Officer