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Company News, Middleton Lodge, Derby

Avery Sponsors Middleton Avenue Bee Corridor Project

At Avery Healthcare, we are looking forward to opening several new care homes, including a new home, Middleton Lodge in Littleover, Derby. Residents in the local area have been working to create a bee corridor within the local community, planting bee-friendly flowers and plants along Middleton Avenue. We are pleased to be sponsoring this project, as the bee corridor plays a vital role in helping to pollinate crops, as well as ensuring the insects’ survival.

As Spring has just begun, residents have been selecting and planting perennial flowers that Spring bees love, including Aubretia and Pulmonaria. Local schools have also been getting involved, with one school growing a new garden area within their grounds. The bee corridor is marked by a series of yellow bee signs, which the local schools also plan to incorporate within their new garden.

Richard, a Middleton Avenue Doing Our Bit Community Group member, explains how the bee corridor project has been a ‘fantastic way of bringing community members closer together’. During the late summer, residents enjoyed a street party to celebrate planting bee-friendly flowers in 46 of the 51 properties. The group also have further projects underway, including litter picking. So far, they have completed several neighbouring streets and a car park in Littleover village centre.

We are looking forward to getting involved with the bee corridor project, as the grounds of our new home will be planted with bee-friendly flowers. Creating a vibrant space for insects and wildlife to flourish, we are looking forward to watching the bee corridor continue to grow and hope this will continue to encourage friendships between all community members.

Bee Corridor Sign Bee Sign