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Avery National Lockdown Update

We are now in the new national lockdown that is due to last until at least midnight on Wednesday 2nd December 2020; and as such we are adapting our visiting protocols.

It is pleasing to see that the Government is finally recognising the impact the lack of visiting may have on our residents and has allowed us to continue to allow visiting.   Below is a list of the main points of visiting which we hope you will find useful.

  • Booking will still be required as we are unable to facilitate ad-hoc visits
  • Appointment times will continue to be staggered to enable cleaning in between visits
  • There can be a maximum of 2 consistent visitors but only one visitor is able to attend at any one time
  • The visits will still take place in allocated visiting areas
  • On arrival a staff member will guide you through the sanitising protocol i.e. hand washing
  • The wellbeing checklist will continue to be completed and temperature taken
  • There will be hand sanitiser and tissues available for you to use during the visit
  • You should bring your own tissues and take dirty tissues away with you
  • You should bring your own drinks as we are not permitted to provide refreshments
  • You should adhere to the policy of staying behind the screened areas
  • You should not enter any other areas of the home at any time during the visit
  • Staff assistance can be sought via the call system which will be available to you in the visitor suite
  • You should wear a mask when you arrive and throughout the visit
  • Visits are limited to 1 hour
  • You may bring gifts which must be handed to staff so that they can be sanitised with wipes, items of clothing will be taken away to be washed
  • On departure you will need to alert a member of staff via the call system
  • You should inform us if post-visit you experience any signs or symptoms, if you receive a positive test and if you are contacted by track and trace.
  • If your loved one is living with dementia, we recommend that you maintain eye contact with your loved one and avoid wearing a hat or anything that might conceal your face further
  • Window visits can continue at any time.

Please note that if there is a positive case in the home, the home will need to suspend visits, they will also be required to suspend visits if told to do so by the Director of Public Health which could be via the Local Authority.

If you wish to take your loved one out of the home for an outing we ask that you avoid taking your loved one to indoor places and that you consider their vulnerability as being in a high-risk group.

We hope you understand the need for these rules and once again sincerely thank you for your support and patience.

Let us all pray that 2021 will be a much better year.


Sharon Winfield

Chief Operating Officer