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Avery Healthcare Vaccine & Visiting Update

The below details the latest update on vaccinations and visiting at Avery Healthcare with the national lockdown underway.

We are very excited about the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out in Avery care homes across the country, which will hopefully lend itself to getting some way back to a normal way of living. Due to the rollout of the vaccine being controlled by local CCGs and GPs, we are unable to inform the exact dates that residents will receive their vaccinations, but as soon as we are informed, we will, of course, inform our residents and Next Of Kin of the specific dates.

In terms of visiting, there will be no indoor visits permitted at this time, and only homes equipped with a garden pod will be able to provide outdoor visits. However, please note that if there is a confirmed positive Covid-19 case in the home, outdoor visits will need to stop – this is to help contain the virus spreading throughout the home by restricting movement from both staff and residents. Similarly, closed window visits can continue, but if there is a positive Covid-19 case confirmed, visits may have to be ceased on the ground floor, again to restrict movement and reduce the risk of spreading.

Each home will be provided with an update on their garden pod installation date on their local Facebook page, so please keep an eye out. We appreciate your patience during this time; we want all our homes to be equipped with these pods as quickly as possible, and the installers are working as quickly as they can.