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Avery Healthcare Donates Old IT Equipment to The Air Ambulance Service

Since 2018, Avery Healthcare has been proudly donating redundant IT equipment to The Air Ambulance Service. Organised with the support of Mick Sheehan, Avery’s Director of IT, the equipment is then repurposed in order to generate money for the lifesaving charity.

When donated, the equipment, including old servers, laptops, tablets and printers, is wiped to Ministry of Defence standards using a software that ensures that all information from the item is disposed of. This allows for the item to be easily reused for a different purpose. All equipment is repurposed to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, ensuring that it is responsibly distributed.

Sam Frost, IT Asset Reuse Manager at The Air Ambulance Service, says, “Avery Healthcare has donated their surplus IT equipment to The Air Ambulance Service 6 times. These repeated donations could have funded a whole lifesaving mission by now. We are incredibly grateful to have such loyal and generous supporters. Thank you, Avery Healthcare.”