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Avery COO Full of Praise for the Staff

I am sure everyone will join me, the other Directors and senior management of Avery Healthcare in recognising and praising the phenomenal amount of hard work that all of our staff, whatever your role, are putting in to protect our residents in the most stressful and challenging situation in care in our time. I know that you have all been going above and beyond the call of duty to make our homes as safe as they can be, and to provide as normal and happy a life for our residents as possible during this difficult time. You have taken a totally responsible approach to hygiene standards and to isolating if you or any of your family that you live with display any symptoms. In common with the much-praised NHS, all of you are on the frontline, and supporting the most vulnerable age group, many of whom already have other conditions; so we know that the pressure that you too are under is immense, and it is to your credit that you are managing this so well at all of our homes. Many relatives and friends of residents have offered you their kind and supportive comments on social media. I can reassure those people that you, our fantastic staff, are doing all that you can, 24/7, to protect and care for their loved ones.

Sharon Winfield
Chief Operating Officer