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Avery Care Homes Equipped with Topaz Machines

We are pleased to share the news that all Avery homes are now equipped with Topaz Machines ready for when we can allow visiting into the homes. The system hosts two units, one larger which dispenses hand sanitiser to visitors upon arrival and exit; it also provides an important messaging display screen to advise visitors of the latest news, and the other, a smaller screen, which operates as a thermal checker so that we can support temperature checks of those entering the building. Yet another fantastic piece of technology that provides relatives with safer, more efficient visits with their loved ones.

Plans are also in development for homes to install a brand-new system to book visits with their loved ones, which will interact with the Topaz machine. By spring of next year, relatives will be able to access an online portal whereby they simply sign up and use their details to access the care home they intend to visit. With the use of facial recognition technology, relatives will be able to log their visits, check their temperature prior to their entry, and, granted they don’t exceed the maximum temperature of 37.8C, and other wellbeing checks are satisfactory, will be able to enter the care home safely.

We are truly hoping that in 2021 we can welcome you all back into our homes safely.