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Company News, Ashurst Mews

Ashurst Mews Earns its Reputation in the Top 20

Any reputation has to be earned. For care homes that is hard work and a constantly good level of service. For those homes that enjoy the highest reputations adequate simply wont do, your home needs to excel across all areas of service delivery all of the time from housekeeping, through to culinary, front of house and social activities with care staff and of course management. You must offer value for money, good facilities and accommodation and then and only then can you think about making into the top 20 care homes within your region for what has become the premium review and reputation management platform for our care industry –

It is for this reason that Ashurst Mews Care Home in Moulton and its care staff, support workers and management are delighted to have achieved such acclaim and from those who really matter, its residents and family members. Ashurst Mews made the top 20 of the East Midlands region on, a region containing 1526 other care homes with an average score of 9.9 out of 10 from a total of 28 reviews.


General Manager Rex Pudol quoted “I am delighted for my staff who work so hard behind the scenes, delivering great care in what can be a very challenging role. Great careers are a rare breed, we are lucky to have many at Ashurst Mews and acknowledgement from our customers means a great deal to them. Many have very close relationships with family members and so to be recognised by this group of people is important to them.”