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A Lifelong Love Story

Their love story began when Iris was watching a men’s cycling race. During a break in the racing, they were introduced by Peter’s brother. After the race, Iris felt a tap on her shoulder; it was Peter. He said, “Where do you think you’re going?” Iris got on the bus, and Peter cycled behind. A moment that marked the beginning of a lifelong love story.   

Iris and Peter have been happily married for 72 years. They believe the key to a long and happy marriage is to keep busy, work hard, and support each other. Peter has always cared for and supported Iris. When the time came that they could no longer manage by themselves, they explored the option of respite care. They have a proud legacy in their daughter, two grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, who all take comfort knowing they receive exceptional care.  

Their care journey began at Southampton Manor Care Home with three weeks of respite care following a stay in hospital. With Peter needing additional care, they decided to look for a more permanent solution that meant they could stay together. Feeling confident that Southampton Manor was their new home, they made the move. Their decision to move together has been pivotal in ensuring their well-being and happiness. 

The pair spend plenty of time together in the home, enjoying shared meals and activities and making precious memories. With the peace of mind that their family takes comfort in knowing their needs are taken care of.