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How we support well-being in our residents living with dementia

We approach dementia care with a difference

Dealing with dementia is an emotional, mental and physical challenge for both those affected and their families. We understand just how quickly and easily those affected can disconnect from their lives and that every dementia journey is different. It’s why we’ve created a bespoke programme, ReConnect, to help our residents with dementia reconnect with themselves and their lives.

Music is central to this work. Playlists for Life is a musical intervention that uses the power of music to stir emotions and memories. It’s something we develop closely with each resident and their family to help them revisit the past together.

We also use our broader Life Story work to help us better understand our residents, their reactions and behaviours. This ensures we can provide the right level of support and tailor more meaningful activities that can break through their symptoms of dementia, even if only for a few moments. Learn more about our dementia and Alzheimer’s care here.