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Adapting to Change

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BREAKING NEWS: 20 minute Covid-19 antibody test for relatives

I am delighted to inform you that, thanks to a new 20 minute antibody test, relatives of new residents moving into our care homes during the pandemic can, once again, join their loved one at the time of admission to help with the settling in process.
We have spoken to many families during the pandemic and we know that one of your biggest concerns about moving your loved one into a care home was not being allowed to come to the home on the day of admission to support your loved one with moving in.
The Covid-19 20 minute antibody tests are now available and we have invested in stock for every home to help make yours and our new residents’ settling-in day more like it used to be before the pandemic struck. Relatives will still be required to wear PPE and must follow our strict protocols, but we are pleased to be offer this simple test to help families and provide reassurance.

Sharon Winfield, Avery Healthcare Chief Operating Officer

How does the 20 minute antibody test work?

The test is a finger-prick blood test which will be conducted within the home at the time of admission. The test quickly indicates whether a person has antibodies which are produced when the body has been infected with Covid-19. If we are satisfied with the result of the test you can join your relative in their bedroom to help unpack and enjoy the settling in process that is such an important part of joining a care home.

A Safe Haven For Your Loved One

Our homes continue to be open for new residents, with virtual tours available for families wishing to know more about the service when making their selection.

We are in a fortunate position to be not solely dependent upon the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) for the provision of tests, and are carrying out our own tests on a regular basis at all of our homes, with support from one of just three UK laboratories that is Government authorised to undertake this.

Avery’s infection control procedures have proven to be robust and scalable and have withstood the test of this unprecedented challenge. The care sector regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), has continued to monitor services through remote assessments during this time, and their Emergency Support Framework (ESF) standards have been met in full by all Avery homes.

The Avery services have all implemented ways of isolating residents in a quarantine area to ensure others are not exposed to the virus. This is still important when residents are returning from hospitals or are new to the home. Staff rotation has also been minimised between areas in the homes, and our established and comprehensive barrier techniques have been proven to be almost 100% effective.

Book Your Visiting Time

Relative visiting has been an important objective and journey we have been on since the start of the pandemic.  We started with garden visits and quickly moved to in-home visits when government allowed and where homes could accommodate the space.  Since then, all Avery care homes now offer in-home visits and an established visiting booking system that is working well.

We will continue to provide updated statements on changes and progress, and these can be found on our Latest News page.

The New Reality.

We are confident that our care homes are now some of the very safest places to live and work.

All of our staff have been trained in additional and heightened cleansing protocols and hygiene regimes, and these are being supported by a leading sanitisation system as part of our comprehensive infection controls. Staff are tested weekly, and are sent home to isolate if symptomatic between testing cycles.  All residents are tested monthly and are supported to isolate if symptomatic between cycles.

We have re-aligned the resident in-house services to meet social distance guidance from the Government, for areas such as lounges and dining rooms, and for visiting entertainers and hair dressers; we are working hard to restore these services within the ‘new normal’ circumstances as soon as we can, when lockdown rules allow.

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