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Meals For Residents Living With Dementia

Bring Some Joy and Comfort to Meal Times.

We take extra care to make mealtimes for those with dementia a source of comfort and joy

Dementia can make the seemingly simple task of choosing what to eat become overwhelming. We offer consistency in meal options to help create familiarity and also provide show plates to help those with dementia make an informed meal choice in the moment. Show plates contain samples of all of the meal options they can choose from that day, allowing residents to smell and taste what’s on offer. Our chefs and care workers are on hand to check that they enjoy their meal and can also step in to offer an alternative should they change their mind. 

For some individuals with dementia, using cutlery can become challenging. Our chefs have developed cutlery-free meals that are every bit as appetising as our usual meals. The same choices are on offer but the meals are adapted so cutlery isn’t needed. For example, roast lunches can be adapted into miniature Yorkshire puddings filled with roast beef and horseradish, alongside easy-to-pick-up glazed carrots and parsnips with croquette potatoes. Everyday dishes such as lamb and ale pie, or chips, gravy and vegetables can be transformed into miniature pies, larger-cut chips, mangetout and a dipping pot of gravy. The same flavours, nutrition and beautiful presentation is always maintained.

The joy of food is also embraced through our baking and cookery competitions developed in collaboration with our Head of Dementia Care, Jo Crossland and Head of Wellbeing, Zahid Khan. These competitions are designed to encourage engagement and participation from our residents, irrespective of their physical or cognitive abilities. It’s a chance to have fun and socialise in groups while making jam or fondant flowers, decorating cakes or cutting out biscuits. 

Food brings all of our residents and staff together. Mealtimes are a source of comfort, joy and camaraderie at each of our care homes. It’s why our chefs take such pride in delivering exceptional meals all day, every day.