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Time to Veg Out!

You may be surprised to learn that there is a charity for older vegetarians and vegans. Vegetarian for Life (VfL) was established in 2008 to promote that no-one should be forced to give up on their dietary preferences (or needs) just because they are older or go in to care.

time to veg out

Avery is proud to be a member of VfL’s directory, a 1,300 strong list of veggie-friendly organisations in the UK. Even as a recent member, Avery has been nominated in VfL’s 2019 Awards for Excellence in Vegetarian Care Catering, with the finals being held in London in October.

Amanda Woodvine, VfL Chief Executive, commented, “Approaching half a million people over 65 now live in UK care homes, and although a small percentage of the overall figure, the number of vegetarians and vegans have trebled in the last five years. They and their families have understandable concerns that their dietary needs and preferences will be met, with food prepared separately to meat products, with a variety of meals every day from chefs who take the time to understand their needs. Vegetarian for Life are working to ensure that quality care providers such as Avery are leading the way in inclusivity for older vegetarians and vegans and have the answers to these questions.”

Led by Group Culinary Manager, Simon Lawrence, Avery chefs provide a first-class vegetarian and vegan menu at all homes, with some homes even having dedicated vegetarian kitchens due to resident demand. The veggie focus also takes into account religious and cultural dietary needs as well as resident dining preferences and awareness; many find it a lighter option to eat vegetarian, while others see the current topic around whether we should reduce our dependence upon meat and move towards a more vegetarian diet to support planet resource sustainability. It’s a good option for all, so veg out!

Article by Simon Lawrence, Group Culinary Manager, for Welcome Home Issue 11.