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Oak House e-kitchen training

In partnership with Oak House Kitchen, who specialise in the innovation and development of practical methods to produce and deliver medical diets for patients and residents in health and social care, Avery Healthcare Head Chefs are actively participating in mandatory online training courses to develop their knowledge and skillset in the industry.

The training led by James Ball and Preston Walker of Oak House Kitchen is delivered alongside live feedback and designed to educate chefs on adapting meals for specialised diets, including those with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), maintaining the same nutritional value and taste, and offers hints, tips, and recipe ideas. These meal solutions benefit residents by providing a more inclusive mealtime experience that improves their overall well-being and experience whilst residing at Avery care homes.

Simon Lawrence, Avery Healthcare’s Head of Culinary and Hospitality, says, “This is a fantastic opportunity to work with sector-leading experts as we adapt our training to online modules with live feedback, ultimately benefitting our staff with in-depth training.”

Avery Healthcare is proud to advocate for inclusive dining for all. It is crucial that Avery’s chefs carefully consider a full day’s approach which ensures that mid-morning snacks, afternoon cakes, and savoury snacks are also adapted beside the main meals. This in turn supports good calorie levels and nutrition. With the hope to improve Avery’s chef’s knowledge and confidence in the field,

Preston Walker says, “With variable ingredients, recipes and preferences, we provide a consistent approach that helps to improve quality and safety.” The online training is already proving to have shown a positive impact on Avery’s chefs. Gareth Cartledge says, “It has certainly helped to enthuse them, especially as they have the wonderful opportunity to work with James and Preston, two sector-leading experts in the field. This will also allow us the opportunity to train new chefs before they start to prepare texture modified meals.”

Click the video below to hear more about how the Oak House e-kitchen training supports our chefs…