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Mel Concierge Silvermere Care Home
Company News, Silvermere, Cobham, Surrey

Introducing Mel Our Venerable Concierge.

Mel Swain has been at Silvermere as Concierge since the home opened in 2013. He is at the centre of all the comings and goings at the home and knows all the residents by name, and of course they know him!

Having been at the service for so long, he is also well known to the families and friends of the residents, and keeps good order around the café area at the centre of the ground floor just beyond Reception. As well as running the café he helps out with  organising residents getting the correct newspapers, occasionally taking residents on appointments as well  running errands and generally helping in all manner of ways.

He certainly does his bit to maintain the standards of service at Silvermere, and feels very settled to be such a part of the fabric of the home now; “It’s a lovely place to work, helping a great team to look after our wonderful residents, and all the characters that involves. It’s a calm and settled environment that the residents love, although we do have a laugh each day about one thing or another, as there’s always something going on around the café and reception area.”