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Avery Announces Safe Internal Visits

The COVID-19 pandemic provided challenges and anxieties for everyone, particularly for care home residents and family members who were not able to be together. Avery were one of the first care home groups to implement safe garden visits to address this, but are now excited to announce that they are now able to offer managed internal visits to their homes!

The foundation for this next step back towards some normality has been the effective and safe management of the Avery homes, with stringent hygiene regimes and sanitisation procedures, supported by comprehensive testing protocols, leading to the homes in their group being virtually Covid-19 free.

Each home will contact family members to arrange visits, to ensure co-ordinated visiting times, as many relatives will be striving to see their loved ones as soon as they can. Avery have been working on a number of measures in preparation for this visiting to resume, in accordance with the latest Government guidelines, and will continue to review these criteria in case this protocol may be subject to change.

Adhering to this guidance means that they are unable to offer completely open or flexible visiting just yet, and although everyone will be eager to return to normal, their focus remains on keeping residents, staff and visitors safe and protected. Avery are thankful to all the family members for their continued patience and support in recent times, and appreciate the frustration and distress that the pandemic has caused both residents and family alike.