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Company News, Horse Fair, Rugeley, Worcestershire

Horse Fair’s Gallop in Remembrance of Captain Tom

Staff, residents, and friends of Horse Fair recently took part in a five-day-long challenge to walk a combined 100 miles each day to commemorate Sir Captain Tom Moore’s incredible life. With the warmer days upon us, spirits were high amongst the walkers who shared their mileage to their Facebook page. The first day saw staff and residents enjoying a sunny walk around the gardens, where they even spotted a rainbow.

Each day, participants managed to exceed their target of a combined 100 miles and overall managed an impressive 848 miles. “Teamwork at
its finest”, said Jess Hyson, Well-being and Activities Co-ordinator, who regularly joined the residents on their daily steps. Jess also noted how wonderful it had been for residents to get out for some exercise and fresh air. All the money raised throughout the challenge, which currently sits at over £200, will be donated to the Captain Tom Foundation, which supports causes close to Tom and his family’s hearts.