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Dementia Action Week 2022: Dementia Podcasts UK – Avery

To mark day six of Dementia Action Week 2022, we’re putting the spotlight on our free five-episode series of podcasts on dementia. In each, bite-sized episode, you’ll hear from our Head of Dementia Care, Jo Crossland.

Jo is vastly experienced and hugely passionate about supporting people living with dementia, especially having provided care for grandfather when he was diagnosed with dementia. Jo also spent five years working at the University of Bradford’s School of Dementia Studies, teaching and delivering courses to people in the care sector within the UK, as well as internationally.

Now, she works with colleagues across Avery to help them deliver best practice care for people affected by dementia.

She’ll be talking about dementia, how it impacts those affected, the effect it can have on their memory, and the care options available to help people live comfortably with the illness.

Listen to each of these free podcasts about dementia below: