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Camberley Woods Resident Raises Over £1,500 for Charity

Robert Murphy has been a Camberley Woods Care Home resident since 2019, following a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease in January 2018.

Having previously worked at British Airways as a Pushback Driver, Rob had always lived a busy life, his determination shone through over recent years when he incredibly defied his initial 18-month prognosis and twice overcame Covid-19 to see his daughter Sarah get married and welcome a grandson into the world.

Despite being completely paralysed, Robert has written about his thoughts, dreams and reality using eye-gaze technology. This specialist, life-changing piece of equipment converts minute eye movements into spoken words and allows him to communicate with others.

His book, Reflections of a Life Well Lived is now available to purchase, with the proceeds being donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA). Rob has raised in excess of £1,500 for this excellent cause and comments, “l am happy I could raise some money for MNDA because they have helped me so much, and I am pleased that the money will help others who have this awful disease. I’m very happy that people seem to like the book because it was just for my family as a keepsake. I’m quietly proud of the book.“

Camberley Woods General Manager Girlie Braga spoke of Robert, “He is truly an incredible person who continues to inspire us every single day.”