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Birchmere House Spreads Joy

As the new year begins, Birchmere House reflects on an initiative that brought joy to those in need over the festive period. Inspired by Kerry, Senior Well-being Co-ordinator, a compassionate endeavour took shape after a conversation with the Housekeeping Manager at Heartlands Hospital, overseeing paediatric Ward 16. The realisation that children spent Christmas in the hospital spurred ‘The Birchmere Christmas Selection Box Appeal’.

Throughout December, a month-long collection received overwhelming support from residents, families, staff, visitors, and community members. The response surpassed expectations, with over 80 donated items and a chocolate bouquet for the Ward 16 staff.

The impact of this initiative reached beyond local borders when ‘Solihull Updates,’ a community Facebook group with over 100,000 followers and 500,000 Twitter followers, generously shared Birchmere House’s efforts.

Visiting the hospital, the Birchmere House community was warmly welcomed by the Ward 16 staff, expressing gratitude for the goodies. The joyous encounter was captured in photos, showcasing the collective effort that made this initiative successful.

Reflecting on the experience, the home expressed immense pride in contributing to the community. This heartwarming venture serves as a testament to the positive impact that the Avery community can achieve when united.