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Birchmere House Heroes: Galloping to the Rescue with Local Donkey Initiative

The staff at Birchmere House Care Home in Solihull have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to community spirit through a heartwarming initiative.

The luxury care home, which is part of the Avery Healthcare Group, are now official sponsors of three adorable rescue donkeys.

Kerry Counihan, Senior Well-being Co-ordinator, and Nicola Urry, Customer Service Manager, were involved in the mission to help the equine entourage. The pair dedicated a sunny Sunday morning to assist in a local donkey rescue effort.

The initiative began with a plea for assistance on a Knowle Village Facebook page. Mark Roberts, a local resident, had rescued three donkeys—Red, Pink, and Baby Blue—who were at risk of euthanasia.

Determined to save these animals, Mark decided to provide them a home in his field but needed help with the associated veterinary expenses and equine passports, which are a legal requirement in the United Kingdom for all equines.

Responding to this call for help, Birchmere House Care Home offered their support. Kerry contacted Mark to ascertain the specific needs and arranged for the care home to sponsor the donkeys. This sponsorship included funding for three comprehensive health checks and the necessary equine passports.

In addition to financial support, Kerry and Nicola reached out to a local farmer who generously donated and delivered two large bales of hay to sustain the donkeys.

Kerry stated, “The local community’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous expressions of gratitude directed towards Birchmere House Care Home for our involvement in aiding Mark and the donkeys.”

Mark has since upgraded the field to include visitor amenities such as restrooms and a drop kerb for enhanced accessibility.

Nicola remarked, “Red, Pink, and Baby Blue are beautiful animals, and we are delighted to contribute to Mark’s altruistic mission. It brings us great joy to know that Birchmere House Care Home residents and the wider community will have the opportunity to visit and interact with these lovely creatures. They are sure to bring so much happiness and joy to the village.”

Mark, deeply moved by the support received from Birchmere House Care Home, commented, “Birchmere House Care Home residents will always have VIP access to visit the donkeys. I am immensely grateful to Kerry, Nicola, and everyone at Birchmere House Care Home for their generous assistance and support.”

Residents of Birchmere House Care Home are eagerly anticipating regular visits to their new donkey friends, further strengthening the bond between the care home and the local community.