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Avery’s Ton-Up Ladies!

We are proud to take care of over 50 centenarians across our homes and not a month goes by without a personalised three-figure birthday card arriving from Queen Elizabeth II into one of them. We’ve caught up with a few to find out about their lives and their secrets to reaching such a significant milestone.

Amy Oliver, Loxley Park Assisted Living – 100

Amy met husband Joe, whom she describes as, “a lovely Christian man” in church. After the war, she worked in a hospital in Rivelin, South Yorkshire before moving on to Jessops Hospital in Sheffield, to work as a darkroom technician in the x-ray department. “I’ve no real secrets to a long life, I just think God has been good to me” she says. “I only had the odd glass of wine on special occasions, and if I could live my life over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.” If Amy could give the youth of today any advice it would be to, “Be kind and helpful to everyone you meet.”

Amy Oliver Loxley Park Intext

Anne Morris, Cliftonville Care Home – 101

Anne grew up in Olney, Buckinghamshire, where her father and grandfather owned a shoe and boot factory. She met and married her husband Vaughn in 1942 and has two daughters. After Vaughn passed away, Anne moved into the Old School House and worked at Althorp House for many years where she remembers being caught up in the excitement of the royal courtship of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Now enjoying life at Cliftonville, Anne loves a Baileys or a sherry, and her cups of tea, “Must have two sugars, darling!”

Joan Turner Birchmere House Intext

Joan Turner, Birchmere House Care Home – 103

The main reason Joan got engaged to Kenny in 1937 was, “Because he had a lovely Riley sports car!” They married in 1938 and son, Peter was born in 1943. Joan and Kenny owned a sweet factory in Marston Green called C&F Mosely, and one of her fondest memories is, “Getting her hands dirty helping with the packing and loading of the sweets.” Her secret to living to the joyous age of 103 is to, “Always eat your greens and wash them down with a drop of champagne!”

Anne Morris Cliftonville Intext

Barbara Richards, Derby HeightsCare Home – 106

The secret to a long life, according to Barbara is, “Working hard.” One of her most memorable experiences was going to Australia to visit family at the age of 94 because she’d never flown before. While there, Barbara’s second great-grandchild, Maia was born. Speaking of a visit to a wine-producing area in the Barossa Valley during her visit, she says, “I didn’t get drunk!” A lot of things have changed during Barbara’s lifetime, but there is one thing, in particular, that was a big help, “Getting a washing machine! It was much better and timesaving than the dolly tub, dolly stick and plunger, although we did have a mangle.”

Barbara Richards Derby Heights Intext

All our homes support our centenarians with a beautiful, fulfilling lifestyle, with nutritious balanced diets, light armchair exercises and even trips out in our minibuses to local places of interest.

Article by Angela Bailey, Marketing Manager for Welcome Home Issue 12.