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Avery Healthcare Prepares to Wow at Culinary Showdown!

Avery Healthcare has been selected as the South East region’s representative in the upcoming National Association of Care Catering’s (NACC) Care Chef of the Year competition.

The NACC Care Chef of the Year competition celebrates culinary excellence in care settings nationwide, highlighting top chefs’ skills and creativity.

Participants are challenged to create innovative and nutritionally balanced dishes while adhering to strict budget constraints. This competition aims to elevate the profile of catering in the care sector and recognise the outstanding achievements of its professionals nationwide.

Emilio Pascucci, Head Chef at Avery Healthcare, will be representing Avery Healthcare in the competition.

As Emilio eagerly anticipates presenting his unique dishes at this prestigious event, he stated: “I am delighted to represent our region and introduce our distinctive culinary creations.”

“We look forward to presenting a carefully curated two-course menu that meets the nutritional needs of our service users. Our dishes are under wraps until the event, but rest assured, they are set to surpass expectations.”

“At Avery Healthcare, we take immense pride in our culinary offerings, striving to exceed expectations with every meal. Our commitment to quality ingredients, innovative recipes, and personalised service ensures that each dining experience is not just a meal, but a memorable occasion for our residents and their loves ones alike.”

The regional cook-off will take place at Unilever Food Solutions in Kingston Upon Thames, in London, on Monday 17th June.