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Avery partner's with online directory: Wiserr

Avery Healthcare is pleased to announce its collaboration with the online directory Wiserr. Hampstead Court in St John’s Wood and Wandsworth Common in Wandsworth, both part of Avery Collection, will now be showcased on the care seekers site operated by this family-run platform.

Wiserr serves as an online platform that offers reliable information and guidance regarding local care services and healthcare requirements. Their primary objective is to provide individuals with the convenience of seeking advice and assistance from the comfort of their own homes, addressing any health-related queries or needs they may have.

The family’s journey in providing care took an unexpected turn when they experienced a devastating loss with the sudden passing of their mother at the relatively young age of 64. Alongside their grief, they were confronted with the responsibility of looking after their beloved Grandma, who was living with Mixed Dementia. Her condition became even more complex when she endured a severe fall, resulting in a fractured hip and complete loss of mobility.

Recognising the necessity for specialised care and support, the family acknowledged that they were venturing into unfamiliar territory. They sought guidance from various agencies in their quest to find the most suitable care home for Grandma. However, the challenges they encountered during this process made them realise that it was time for a change and for them to take responsibility in delivering advice.

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