What is Convalescent Care? | Convalescent Care Explained

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What is Convalescent Care?

Convalescent care is the service provided by skilled carers to those who are recovering from an illness or accident.

If you or a loved one has recently undergone surgery, or perhaps a debilitating illness, convalescent care is a fantastic option as you have access to highly qualified care staff 24/7. This not only gives you peace of mind, but also friends and family can rest assured that their loved one is being well cared for in a safe and comfortable environment.

Are convalescent care and respite care the same?

In a nutshell, both are short-term care options, but they differ in their goal.

The main aim of respite care is to provide a break for full-time care providers, whereas the primary purpose of short-term convalescent care is to provide complete support to a person who is recovering from an injury, illness, or operation.

There are many reasons why respite care might be considered, as it is a great opportunity for carers to take a break from their high-pressure responsibilities. It can also give the person who is being cared for a change of scenery, and the opportunity to experience care home life which could prepare them for the environment, should long-term stay be required.

For those considering convalescent care, the main purpose is to ensure the person being cared for recovers well in a safe, relaxing environment with qualified, professional care staff on hand, should anything arise. Whether the reason for the care is an illness, injury or operation, the focus is getting your loved one on the mend, so that they can regain as much independence as possible before returning home.

Who can benefit from convalescent care?

Those who might benefit from this type of recovery care are those who currently have a short term need for support and assistance from carers but could recover their independence to live without assisted care.

Convalescent care is best suited to those who require short-term care, to regain strength, and return to their home environment where they normally care for themselves.

Having an illness or operation can affect people in more ways than just physically. It’s important to consider that confidence in undertaking everyday tasks could also be an issue, and post operative care, such as convalescence, can help to regain that with ample rest and recovery, with no pressure to rush back to everyday life.

What support is available with convalescent care?

Convalescent care takes the pressure off you or your loved one, allowing the focus to be on recovering to good health. The types of support available with this type of recovery care are things such as laundry, cleaning, cooking, personal care, bathing, and dressing.

In addition to these, you could also have access to care professionals like nurses, physiotherapists, and dieticians. Each resident within a convalescent care home is treated with dignity and respect, with individual care plans tailored to the specific needs, allowing for a comfortable recovery.

How long can you stay in convalescent care?

As everyone’s circumstances will differ, there is no ‘normal’ length of time in which someone can stay within convalescent care. The main priority is always to help the resident recover so they can manage independently, and how long this will take will depend on the severity of their illness or injury.

If the length of time spent in convalescent care is extended, and it doesn’t seem as though the individual will be able to manage without care, then it might be time to consider alternative care options, such as a residential care home.

How to organise convalescent care

If you, or a loved one need short-term convalescent care then it is a good idea to start off by researching options in your local area. Many residential care homes offer respite and convalescent care services, but it’s a good idea to speak with them directly to discuss matters such as post-operative care requirements and to get an idea of the length of stay that might be required.

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