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Respite Care Services – Taking a Break from Care

Everyone needs a break. No matter what job you do, holidays and rest days are times we all look forward to – the same applies to care providers who work so hard, often around the clock and in emotional circumstances.

Those who undertake full-time care for someone will understand how challenging and tiring the role can be. Ensuring loved ones are cared for and can live out their later years in the most comfortable way possible, takes a huge amount of time, effort, and energy, which take its toll on a carer.

Respite services allow the caregiver to take time for themselves, while the person they care for spends time within a new environment, surrounded by likeminded people, whilst in the capable hands of qualified care providers.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care homes provide a service for those who wish to stay somewhere on a short-term basis, usually between two to six weeks.

As well as benefitting the resident, it also provides the care provider with a well-deserved break from the responsibilities and day-to-day tasks which are required of them.

Utilising respite services means that those receiving care can spend time enjoying a friendly community and experience the wide variety of activities and facilities available within a care home setting.

Many people who enter care homes for respite care purposes end up moving into the facility full time. This may be because they enjoy the community feel of care home life, or because they enjoy the reassurance that there is care assistance available on a 24-hour basis.

Why are Respite Care Services Important?

Finding the time to take a break is important for those both giving and receiving the care. Respite care services within care homes offer a safe, comfortable environment that allows residents to fully relax, whilst receiving healthy, nourishing meals and spending time with like-minded people.

Respite care for the family carers is also hugely beneficial, as time spent looking after yourself stops you from becoming exhausted and run down, which would ultimately have a knock-on effect on the care given. The fact there are care homes that offer respite care in a safe setting provides reassurance that their loved one is being looked after well while enjoying the well-deserved down-time.

Families often use a short term respite care stay as a way of introducing the idea of longer term residential care to their loved one.  The short term nature of the stay can take the pressure off everyone involved and is a useful way of taking some of the ‘fear of the unknown’ from a change in living circumstances that might be necessary.  We have many respite residents who ask to stay long term after their initial respite stay as they have settled nicely into their room and made friends. New respite to permanent residents also tell us that they see the benefits of having delicious food served to them, daily activities, like-minded company and a reassuring sense of safety that encourages them to stay in their new home.

Finding A Respite Care Home

If you think you could benefit from respite care services, there are several options available. Whether you require respite services for a couple of weeks whilst you go on holiday, or several weeks to help your loved one recover from an illness or operation, there will be a solution to the care required.

It is a good idea to be prepared when organising short-term care, we suggest getting in touch with local care homes who offer respite care services to speak directly with managers to ensure you can book the time in securely.

Respite care is also a great option for those who want to get a taste of what care home life could be like, should that be a possibility in the future.

Get in touch with one of our helpful advisors today if you’d like to arrange to book a visit to one of our welcoming care homes to discuss the respite services on offer.