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4 Assets
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1. Are you planning for yourself or someone else?
2. Do you own the property you live in? 2. Does the person needing care own the property they live in?
3. Does anyone else live at the property? Choose all that apply If you answer yes to any of these, your property may be eligible for a 'property disregard'
4. What is the combined value of any other assets or investments such as savings, pensions, Premium Bonds, stocks and shares or other property? Answers to this question can help us determine how long personal funding will last. Your answer can be approximate. If there are no other assets or investments, please leave this blank.
5. What is the combined annual value of any income from earnings, pensions, benefits, annuities, rentals or dividends? Answers to this question will help you plan ahead. Your answer can be approximate. If there is no other income, please leave this blank.
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