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Football Fever

It is fair to say that many of us were excited about the long-anticipated Euro 2020 football tournament kicking off on 11th June. Several of our homes got into the spirit by decorating their communal areas with European flags and hosting each match live on their TVs. One home, Avery Park, transformed their cinema room into a ‘fan zone’ for residents to enjoy on the big screen.

Hoping it would finally come home was Alder House’s footy mad resident Desmond Burridge, who was glued to the screen as he watched every England game. A photo of him was shared on Facebook with his son Clive commenting, “What bliss for you, Dad. Football and beer your favourite!” Residents at Hempstalls Hall tried their luck at betting on the big event with chocolate coins. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, staff at Head Office joined in with two sweepstakes, with half the winnings donated to the Care Workers Charity, totalling £120.