Avery Seeks to Develop Extra Dementia Care Capacity in Chester

Expansion plans for Crabwall Hall care home near Chester?

Crabwall Hall operators Avery Healthcare met with local opinion formers on Wednesday to outline expansion plans for what they believe is an essential dementia care unit to meet growing needs in the community.

Attending the meeting was Conservative MP Stephen Mosley, three local ward councillors, parish councilors, as well as health professionals.

Avery’s Director of Operations, Tom Parramore, said: “It has become apparent over the past 12 months that within the catchment area of Crabwall Hall there is an increased demand for care provision for those suffering with a dementia-related illness.”

The proposed 40-bed specialist unit adjacent to the existing home and including a new laundry and kitchen would involve an investment of between £2.5 to £3 million and would create at least 35 jobs.

Avery has owned and operated Crabwall Hall Care Home for the past five years, providing excellent care for elderly people with personal care needs. The home has an enviable reputation in the area for the excellent standards it provides and is one of a small group in the Chester area holding 3 star Excellent Quality rating with the Care Quality Commission, the regulatory body for care homes in the UK. Crabwall Hall has been rated as 3 star Excellent for the past three years. 

During the last 12 months several residents within Crabwall Hall were transferred to care homes that offered placements for individuals with dementia-related illness.

Parramore said: “It was extremely sad and indeed traumatic for residents, their families and the staff to have to say goodbye to residents. 

“Maintaining continuity and familiarity with surroundings is proven by research to be significant in maximising well being and contact is more difficult when relatives have to travel greater distances for visits,” he said. 

It was recognised that demographic changes have increased the demand for places for people with dementia and Chester is no different than anywhere else in this regards.

Parramore stated: “Avery Healthcare would like the opportunity to assist this process within the Chester area by providing an additional care facility at Crabwall Hall specifically for those with dementia care needs.”

Avery’s experience within the field of dementia care, its work with university departments and support associations such as The Alzheimer’s Disease Association has been crucial, and arising out of that work, Avery has launched its own Connect Strategy for older people with dementia which is a guide to staff relatives and professionals. 

“It is imperative,” stressed Parramore, “that residents are supported by caring staff who are familiar to their needs, interests and the things they enjoy and have the appropriate skills and experience in providing dignified care.

“Evidence supports that one of the last senses to go in an individual suffering with dementia is visual memory, and therefore a consistent approach to staffing is imperative to well being.

“Avery Healthcare hopes to have the opportunity to meet this need through the provision of an additional dementia unit at Crabwall Hall Care Home,” Parramore added.

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